Private-Law Family Court CAP Templates for LiP


Hearing Bundle Templates

These will not write your statements for joint custody or do filing for you, neither are they automated legal forms or physical folders. These are MS Word files for key parts of a bundle you make yourself, together with hints for content. This includes, front cover & spines for folder, index blank showing the order documents should be in, key documents such as position statement, witness statement, exhibit front cover, and Scott Schedule. 

Templates of Orders. When starting a journey it is a good idea to know where you’re going. Before you do any other paperwork it is best to start at the end, and draft the order you want. These files will give you the correct wording to help you: i). draft an order in case of agreement being offered at court, & to have ready wording in case asked for by a Judge. ii). crystalize your thoughts on what you want & what a court can give you. 

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